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How to download Xiaohongshu videos online for free?

  • Open the Xiaohongshu app on your phone or the Xiaohongshu web page on your browser;
  • Select the video/photo you want to download;
  • Click the share button and copy link button
  • Paste the copied link address into the search box of 91download and click to download;
  • 91download or parse the Xiaohongshu cover and video address, and the original resource address will be opened after clicking
  • Right click to save video

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Among platforms for exploring lifestyles and sharing beautiful lives, Xiaohongshu stands out for its unique community atmosphere and high-quality content. This platform is not only a treasure place for young people to find life inspiration, but also a social network that brings together diverse content such as food, travel, fashion, and beauty. Xiaohongshu’s video function allows users to share their own life moments through short videos and discover other people’s life stories, thereby finding a sense of identity and belonging on this platform.

Xiaohongshu’s videos are rich in content, covering everything from daily life skills to professional knowledge sharing. Users can easily browse and watch various tutorials, reviews, logs and other videos. These contents not only provide information, but also show an attitude towards life. However, the platform itself does not offer direct video download options, which may cause inconvenience for users who want to watch content without an Internet connection.

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